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The material technology of polymer insulators is relatively new. Through field deployment, it was found out that the insulators did not meet the needs of the electricity market in the service life attribute. Natural factors (UV rays, pollution, acid rain and erosion) caused early aging of the polymer, reducing its performance. The failures of insulators installed in critical conditions and pollution motivated seek of improvement of the coating and the core of the insulators. The improvements resulted in insulators that meet severe functioning conditions, and as a consequence, increasing the safety and the reliability in the power transmission to the end consumer.

We have developed a polymer able to resist the degrading environmental factors for a long period of time.  Mechanical, electrical and chemical tests certified that the developed silicone rubber does not significant decline upon radiation, acid rain, erosion, among others.

By means of tests and many years of experience in the market, we can assure that the polymer insulator is able to work for 30 years in line not showing technical problems related to the described environmental factors. The 30 Q+ warranty offered by TexPi Equipamentos is technically and scientifically proved, based on tests carried out in the most famous laboratories in the world and years in operation in high-pollution areas.

The 30 Q+ warranty covers the whole set of the polymer insulator.

 Most advanced polymer material (HTV)

  • Approved in strict performance tests
  • Higher performance before aging
  • After 5000 h UV radiation, Elasticity factor until rupture> 150%, even higher than the required for the new insulator

Advantages of the Polymer Insulator by TexPi Equipamentos

  • Lower cost
  • No maintenance needed
  • High anti-flashover performance
  • No-fragile material
  • Higher performance against vandalism
  • Lighter and easier for transport and installation
  • High hydrophobicity

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